Strategic Alliances

The nonprofit sector has known only growth for over 200 years in both the United States and Canada.  We are facing, for the first time in history, an era in which the sector overall is expected to shrink and in which foundations and government are determined to drive the number of nonprofits downward.  There are significant losses of revenue in many parts of the sector, dramatic cash flow issues for those who contract with state government, and a substantial contraction away from social policy that has been in place for the last 75 years.  This is a time when organizations must learn to partner, to share resources, and to face these challenges together.

Creating Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances provide an important means of linking agencies within service systems. Fio Partners provides consultation in the formation of structured collaborative agreements between and among nonprofit organizations including: joint ventures, management service organizations (shared back office supports), parent organizations and mergers. Fio Partners provides support from the earliest stages of ideas and concepts through the definition of final governance models.  We have developed deep expertise in creating networks for state contracting and in identifying cost savings opportunities within groups of nonprofits.

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