Forging Nonprofit Alliances

Forging Nonprofit Alliances is an insightful guide that shows how, by joining forces, nonprofits can use consolidation as a strategic tool to enhance, rather than undermine, mission. As nonprofits find ways to increase effectiveness in services and fundraising and face the growing competition for limited resources, they can focus on their real goal – serving their constituents.

The book explores the various options for consolidation. It also details the negotiation process and demonstrates how to design and frame the consolidation process in a positive and constructive way for staff, donors, and constituents. Written for nonprofit managers and boards, Forging Nonprofit Alliances determines which options are right for an organization and clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of all members of nonprofit board and staff in planning and implementing an alliance.

“At a time when nonprofits are developing strategic alliances at a record pace, Jane Arsenault provides a clear, straightforward road map for pursuing a variety of such alliances. Her sensitivity to the importance of corporate culture and the presentation of numerous structural options contributes to a better understanding of this important subject. Arsenault work is instructive to both nonprofit leaders pursuing such alliances and academicians who study their development.”

- John A. Yankey,
Leonard W. Mayo Professor,
Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations,
Case Western Reserve University