Culture & Climate

An organization is a group of people structured to achieve a common purpose. Over time, the norms that guide behaviors evolve and become a powerful influence on employee performance. This is organizational culture.

As management guru Peter Drucker famously asserted, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture can be thought of as the organization’s personality. Once established, it can be very difficult to change, even if leadership changes—That’s why senior management must consistently work to ensure that culture is aligned with and supportive of the organization’s work.

Develop Culture Intentionally

Fio Partners has several products and processes that can help nonprofit staff and boards elucidate its culture, reset norms, and shape behaviors:

  • Our culture mapping tool examines eight areas of norms, behaviors, and perceptions that point to dominant culture archetypes. The tool also assesses how knowledge is acquired, what skills are critical to employee roles, and what type of teamwork they engage in.
  • Our staff climate survey is intended to gather information about job satisfaction, problem solving and decision making, workflow, effectiveness of communication, management and supervision, organizational supports, organizational culture, learning opportunities, quality of internal relations, morale, and teamwork.
  • Our norm setting tool and process are designed to help organizations and/or groups within organizations to reset norms that have somehow “landed in the wrong place” over time. We help groups structure discussions safely and come to consensus on what norms they believe will best serve the organization and its desired impact.

Download this deeper dive into our culture products and processes and then give us a call. We’ll be happy to listen and help.