Evaluation & Research

We can raise objective information to help you account for changes in your environment and field, choose a strategic direction, more effectively deploy resources, and measure the impact of your efforts.

Build an Information Base

Fio Partners has access to a range of research and evaluation tools to support the information needs of our clients.

To build a solid base of information and support confident decision making, we often employ:

  • Online surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Organizational assessment tools.

We also regularly develop:

  • Logic models
  • Needs assessments
  • Literature reviews and white papers
  • Field studies and competitive analyses.

What Do You Need to Learn?

Each evaluation or research project is customized to the specific needs and audiences of each client.

The types of projects listed below illustrate the range of this work with individual organizations. We are always up for new challenges and new learning, and we’re happy to work with you to design a study to meet your precise needs.

  • Formative assessments: As a new organization evolves, we have provided formative information to shape and re-shape services, adjust staff competencies through time, and provide feedback to funders.
  • Grant evaluations: Evaluation of Federal, state, and local grants, as well as evaluation design to meet grant submission requirements.
  • Field studies: As fields of service evolve, leadership needs help with understanding how the field is changing and how their services are positioned in the field relative to the leading edge of emerging and innovative practice.
  • Benchmarking: More common in the for-profit world, nonprofits have shown increasing interest in understanding how they compare to their peers.
  • White papers on topics of interest: Few nonprofits have the resources to invest in more than one new venture. Faced with a range of choices for new and innovative work, leaders seek a more complete understanding of the underlying knowledge, conceptual frameworks, and the current state of research into evidence-based practices to support these investment decisions.