On-going education and training can be a strategic tool for change within a funding organization or used to enhance grantee performance.

Fio has delivered many types of trainings to both nonprofit organizations and funders. Contact us for a complete list of training topics. We are also happy to work with you to develop new curricula.

Cohort Training

Cohort training is a newer Fio service line that funders can use to educate a group of grantees who share a common challenge. Cohorts provide a rich environment with diverse opportunities for learning:

  • Traditional classroom learning can be enhanced by reading and assignments outside of class.
  • Due to the presence of peers facing a similar challenge, the learning experience can become a collaborative one, in which participants learn from one another’s successes and failures.
  • Some funders encourage grantees to attend with a team of participants, including Board members. Learning together enhances the likelihood that participants will use what they learn, and the shared experience can strengthen relationships in a leadership team.
  • Participants are exposed to multiple viewpoints, methods, and experiences. This helps them refine their own perspective, and challenges other participants to do better.
  • Fio also integrates customized consulting into the cohort model. For example, if the cohort is learning about strategic alliances, participants may request that a Fio consultant facilitate a Board discussion, advise on how to approach a potential partner, or how to shape an MOU.

Funders might also want to consider the makeup of the cohort. In some cases—for example, strategic planning for small agencies—a cohort of similarly focused or located organizations might benefit from shared bases of environmental information. In other cases, the organizational stage of development—for example, startup versus established—might matter. Or it might not matter at all.

If you would like to think through potential opportunities to train your grantees using a cohort model, give us a call. We would be very happy to consider the opportunities and options with you, and develop a quality program that supports your foundation’s strategy and your grantees’ development.