Research and Evaluation

Fio Partners is able to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to meet the unique information needs of funders.

Each project is customized to meet the intended learning objectives, educate stakeholders, and support decision-making. The types of projects listed below illustrate some of the studies we have developed with funders, but we are always up for new challenges! Give us a call. We are happy to work with you to design a study that will meet your needs.

  • Community needs assessments: Whether focused on a specific town, region, or issue, Fio has tapped publicly available and provider data to profile the “big picture” context of community needs and inform resource allocations.

  • Capacity assessments: We also have helped funders understand the kinds of technical assistance needed by their grantees, strengthening efficacy on both sides of the equation.

  • Grant evaluations: We have provided evaluation design, data gathering, and reporting for foundation, municipal, state, and federal grants, including:

    • Audits of grantee compliance with the intended level of effort and uses of funds
    • Outcome assessments for individual grants
    • Cross-grant assessments for impact on the community
    • Self-studies to determine whether a foundation is having the influence it wants to have.
  • Field studies assess the extent of a community problem and by what means and methods it is currently being addressed. Fio’s approach includes considering the dynamics and causes that influence community problems, the power structures that control the resources, and the community’s readiness to champion a solution. We also gather perspectives from field experts on current trends, emergent innovations, and projections on future changes.

  • Literature reviews and white papers similarly assess issues and current practices but use academic literature and trade publications to summarize what is known and inform a strategic course of action.