Creating Your Collaborative

We know that we can achieve more together—the question is how to organize for effective change.

Accelerate Your Impact on Complex Community Problems

Making communities demonstrably healthier starts with developing a critical path for change. Fio Partners can support these formative steps by:

  • Assembling the information leaders need to choose the desired community-level indicators of change. Using both available data and qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis, Fio can profile the “big picture” context for community needs and solutions.

  • Assessing the existing service system, gaps, and resources through field studies can reveal the current degree to which problems are being addressed, by what means and methods, the power structures involved, and the community’s readiness to champion change. We often include perspectives from field experts and national leaders on trends and innovations as well.

  • Facilitating early meetings that convene providers and funders to identify shared goals and outcomes and consider how best to work together.

  • Serving as decision architects that pose critical questions, craft a decision sequence and timeline, and test the collaborative model incrementally as it is built.

Fio also supports governance design and planning, empowering new collaboratives to move forward with clarity and confidence.