Introduction to Social Media…look - it’s a blog post!

by Anne Yurasek on October 02, 2009

Web20 Are you as amazed as I am at how quickly time passes? It's been too long since we've blogged..but today I delivered a three-hour session on social media to a wonderful group in Bridgeport, CT.  The session was sponsored by the Fairfield County Community Foundation and the CT Association of Nonprofits.  As I shared with them the importance of the engaging in conversation via social media, I had to admit that FIO Partners had dropped the ball in recent months on blogging…alas.  [We have been twittering though!]  Today's session though was held in a room without access to the Internet which can be tricky when you are trying to teach social media.  There are a number of resources that I mentioned that I thought would be helpful to consolidate here - enjoy!

Today's slides: Introduction to Social Media 

FIO Partners Framework for Strategic Management:  This article describes the framework we discussed in today's session in more detail.  It is free with registration of your email.

Twitter Presentation:  Twitter & Your Business (We covered some of these slides today - but there is a bit more content in the presentation from earlier this spring which was developed for an association of communications professionals.)

Overall Resources: 

Nonprofit/Social Media Bloggers: [I've included Beth Kanter's blog - and a couple of others I enjoy!]

Tools to Support Measurement and Monitoring:


One additional resource that may be helpful is the comprehensive collection of tutorials and tools consolidated and brought together by the Case Foundation as part of their Gear Up for Giving effort.  

I love teaching this material and encouraging organizations to explore the world of new media…and at least, begin to consider how these amazing tools and technologies can support the positive change you are trying to make in the world.  The more you can link your social media activities to the strategic management of your organization and to clear objectives: the more successful you will be.    

To those who attended today's course - stay in touch!  I would love to hear how you put what we talked about today into action…post a comment or question here, send an email, or catch up with me on Twitter—good luck!



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