Accessing Organizational Health

Fio has developed an array of tools and approaches to help Boards understand how their organization is currently functioning and how it needs to evolve, and then proceed intentionally.

Assess, Learn, and Advance the Work

The tools below can be used to build the information base for strategic planning, or they can be used as stand-alone tools to diagnose the extent and seriousness of emerging organizational problems.

  • Board Survey, which assesses board-functioning and gathers input from members into the planning process
  • Fio’s Growth Guide, which examines ten major management systems by stage of development
  • Staff Assessments – Climate Survey; Organizational Learning Survey; Culture Mapping; Mid-Management Skills Assessment
  • Program Assessments – Program Portfolio Analysis; Consumer Journey Mapping; Consumer Perception and Satisfaction Survey
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Indicators
  • External Stakeholder Assessments – Community Perception Survey; Partner Perception Survey
  • Financial Analysis – Key Ratio Trends; Red Flag Analysis

These tools are augmented by our ability to do customized qualitative research, including key informant interviews, focus groups, field studies, competitor analysis, and benchmarking.

Find Right-Fit Leaders

Additionally, while Fio is not a search firm, we have supported Board executive search committees with gathering input around job descriptions, desired key skills, and criteria for judging resumes. We can also assist with resume review, designing ranking systems, organizing interviews, engaging appropriate stakeholders, and supporting the final decision process.

We also have facilitated Board external nominating committees. When Boards face major turnover or must change the type of people on the Board, they often find that there is a mismatch between Board members willing to serve on the Nominating Committee and their ability to reach into targeted networks. Fio has developed a process to facilitate an ad-hoc external nominating committee, whose only job is to help identify and connect the organization with prospects. Fio then assists in engaging and cultivating the new prospects.