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  • Training Topics

    A list of professional development topics for which we have developed curriculum and delivered training. We have also packaged these topics in different configurations, based on client needs.

  • Middle Manager Assessment and Planning Guide

    This tool is designed to help you assess your management skills and develop a professional development plan to guide your career.

  • Organizational Climate Survey

    How do you assess the climate of your organization?  How do you measure the quality of your supervisory staff?  Which pockets of your organization may be troubled?  Are you looking for a climate survey for nonprofit organizations?

  • Nonprofit Management Assessment

    How does a nonprofit organization evolve? How do nonprofit leaders assess that evolution and track the impact of capacity building efforts? How do nonprofit leaders assess management systems to plan for the future?

  • Organizational Learning Survey

    How do you know that your employees are learning the knowledge and skills they need to improve the quality of their work?

  • Strategic Growth Guide

    How do you know where to invest your capacity building resources? Fio Partners Strategic Growth Guide is a standardized assessment tool that will help you determine how to get to the next level of your organization’s evolution.

  • Board Survey - For Start-Up Organizations

    As a new Board, how do you assess your effectiveness? This tool will help you set a baseline of effectiveness and help prioritize the Board’s efforts.

  • Board Survey - For Established Organizations

    How effective is your Board of Directors? When was the last time you engaged the Board in an objective discussion about effectiveness?