Organizational Climate Survey

Challenge: Boards wonder how the staff is doing but have no legitimate way of finding out. Executives may suspect that some parts of the organization are healthier than others but find it difficult to act on what are clearly “gut” instincts. Accrediting bodies demand that staff be surveyed annually as part of quality assurance. Typical organizational climate surveys are written for for profit organizations.

Solution: Fio Partners’ Climate Survey is designed to create a snapshot of organizational health that, through the use of demographics, can compare one operating unit with another. This on-line climate survey gathers information about such topics as:

  • the quality and timeliness of decision making,
  • the availability of information for decision making,
  • the clarity of authority and responsibility,
  • the clarity of job descriptions,
  • realism of performance objectives,
  • fairness and equity,
  • management effectiveness,
  • organizational culture type.

This tool can be used to conduct an initial assessment of climate health, to identify specific areas for improvement, and can be used periodically to measure progress. It is not recommended for organizations with fewer than seven employees.