About Us

Our Philosophy

Fio is latin for “become”.  We believe that each of our clients is in the process of becoming better than they are: more vibrant, more capable, more powerful, more able to bring about positive change in society. Our role demands that we join our clients in that process and add value to the journey.

These principles are important to our work:

  • Objective Assessment: We use assessment tools and field research to raise objective information about how an organization functions, how it is viewed, and how it is positioned with its field.
  • Evidence Based Decision Making: We capture and communicate the information raised in an accessible way to create a shared base of information to support decision making among multiple stakeholders.
  • Relationship Based: We deeply value the opportunity to support our clients in their work. We value constant and open communication to support our client relationships.
  • Clear Expectations: Our proposals clearly outline the scope of a project and we define clear deliverables and timetables.
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