Organizational Planning

As nonprofits struggle to find a stable base in an uncertain world,  Executive Directors are challenged to bring their boards along and boards are challenged to know enough about the work of the organization to contribute meaningfully.  If you are tired of board retreats that result in endless rolls of flip chart paper and strategic plans that are neither strategic nor planful nor used, we can help.

Strategic Planning Services

We support organizations in acquiring and improving their capacity for strategic management, a continuous process of adjusting to the world you are in through time. Fio Partners frames its process around four key tasks: (1) agreement on vision, mission, values; (2) designing or redesigning your organization’s core of programs and relationships; (3) safeguarding and supporting the core through the adjustment of key management systems; and, (4) improving the core via organizational learning and quality assurance. Our approach stresses:

  • Building a shared and objective base of information between board and executive staff as the foundation for strategic planning;
  • Assessing an organization’s strengths and weaknesses with data rather than perception;
  • Understanding how your organization’s stage of development influences management tasks;
  • Tying together what you want to do and the supports for how you will get it done;
  • Managing key relationships with national and local organizations that provide similar and allied services;
  • Determining critical key results;
  • Integrating information management so your organization can learn from your own practice and continuously improve over time.

Our strategic planning processes typically last between four and 8 months and can engage a variety of stakeholders - from Board members to consumers to community leaders.  We will work with to develop a strategic plan with appropriate input from all of your stakeholders.

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